Unleashing AI’s Creative Minds

Program Members

  • Allison Rodriguez, 7th grade student at Kenilworth Science and Technology School (KST)
  • Mr. Babak Abbasov, Advisor at KST
  • Dr. Hao Wang, Advisor at LSU
Allison visited LSU and had a kick-off meeting with Dr. Wang.


  • Learn how to use ChatGPT / Midjourney
  • Learn how to practice prompt engineering
  • Design grading scheme for AI generated content
  • Evaluating different prompt engineering strategy
  • Build a live demo with ChatGPT / Midjourney

Evaluation & Demo

  • We choose a specific job for ChatGPT / Midjourney
    • Writing an email, an essay…
    • Plot a cartoon character, or poster
  • We develop different prompt engineering strategies
  • We choose prompts with/without following prompt engineering strategies
    • Compare the quality of email/essay/cartoon
    • Asking judges/peers to try and grade the quality

Prompt Engineering Matters

Chain-of-Thought Prompting [1].


[1] Deepgram, Chain-of-Thought Prompting: Helping LLMs Learn by Example, https://deepgram.com/learn/chain-of-thought-prompting-guide, [Accessed 28-11-2023]