News & History

04/16/2024 :trophy: Our project “Harvesting Idle Resources Safely and Timely for Large-scale AI Applications in High-Performance Computing Systems” have been funded by the NSF OAC Core grant. Thanks NSF!
04/16/2024 :trophy: Our project “AI Deployment for Athletes, industry, and Military Optimal Performance and Safety” have received the LSU Provost’s Fund for Innovation in Research—Big Idea Research Grants!
04/02/2024 :calendar: We will host TigerAI: LSU/IBM AI security summer boot camp. Sign up before 4/19th 5pm!
03/14/2024 :trophy: We have received another round of AWS Public Sector Cloud Credit for Research program. Kudos to AWS!
02/02/2024 :tada: Dr. Wang received the Distinguished Member of IEEE INFOCOM 2024 TPC recognition.
02/01/2024 :school_satchel: Hanfei has accepted the summer internship from Azure Research @ Microsoft.
01/16/2024 :pencil: Our paper “Backdoor Federated Learning by Poisoning Backdoor-Critical Layers” has been accepted by ICLR 2024. Congratulations to our two remote interns Haomin and Mingxian! Check this project here.
01/10/2024 :pencil: Our paper “Siren+: Robust Federated Learning with Proactive Alarming and Differential Privacy” has been accepted by IEEE TDSC.
12/15/2023 :tada: William Wei, our summer highschool intern, has been admitted by Yale ! Congratulations to William. Check his fantastic summer project.
12/09/2023 :pencil: Our paper “Cheaper and Faster: Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning with Serverless Computing” has been accepted by AAAI 2024! Congratulations to Hanfei. We are bringing more serverless to AI, please stay tuned :radio:
12/08/2023 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang will serve as a TPC member of ACM HPDC 2024 and IEEE ICDCS 2024.
11/06/2023 :trophy: Our Federated Analytics System project has been funded by the NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-4: EPSCoR Research Fellows program. This funding will support us to start a two-year collaborative project with IBM Research. Thanks NSF EPSCoR! —Check news by Baton Rouge Business Report and LSU CoE.
10/27/2023 :pencil: Our paper “Self-supervised Crack Detection in X-ray Computed Tomography Data of Additive Manufacturing Parts” has been accepted by NeurIPS 2023 Workshop AI4Mat! Congratulations to Saber Nemati and Seyedeh Shaghayegh Rabbanian!
09/12/2023 :pencil: Our paper “RainbowCake: Mitigating Cold-starts in Serverless with Layer-wise Container Caching and Sharing” has been accepted by ACM ASPLOS 2024! Congratulations to Hanfei, and kudos to our collaborators!
08/21/2023 :trophy: Our Robust Federated Learning project has been funded by the NSF SaTC CORE program. Thanks NSF! —LSU CoE news.
08/14/2023 :trophy: We received the LAMDA Seed Track 1B Collaborative Partnership Award. Thanks Louisiana Board of Regents!
08/12/2023 :trophy: Our summer intern, William Wei, from Baton Rouge High, won 2nd place in the LSU HSSR Poster Competition. Check our award-winning project!
05/30/2023 :triangular_ruler: Join our summer tutorial series on Machine Learning: Applications and Practices, and Introduction to Meteorology!
05/16/2023 :pencil: Two papers on Federated Learning are accepted by ACM KDD 2023.
04/18/2023 :pencil: Our paper “Libra: Harvesting Idle Resources Safely and Timely in Serverless Clusters” has been accepted by HPDC 2023!
03/22/2023 :pencil: One paper on Data Privacy Examination is accepted by AsisCCS 2023.
02/28/2023 :trophy: Alexander Randall from KST Charter School, advised by Dr. Wang, won 2nd place in the Louisiana Regional Competition. Check our award-winning project!
02/06/2023 :earth_asia: Dr. Wang will serve as the Publicity Chair of the 23rd International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP 2023).
12/09/2022 :trophy: Dr. Wang was awarded as an Excellent Reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Network Science & Engineering in 2022.
11/19/2022 :pencil: Two papers on Federated Learning are accepted by AAAI 2023.
11/04/2022 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang will serve as the online session Chair for ACM SoCC 2022 Serverless Session, Nov 8-10, 2022.
08/25/2022 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang will serve as a TPC member for AAAI 2023 and ACM WSDM 2023.
07/12/2022 :trophy: Our proposal for AWS Cloud Credit for Research on serverless computing has been approved. Our thanks to AWS.
05/16/2022 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang will serve as a TPC member for ACM SoCC 2022.
04/22/2022 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang is invited to serve as a TPC member for IEEE INFOCOM 2023 and will serve as a session chair in INFOCOM 2022.
04/02/2022 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang is invited to serve as a TPC member on NeurIPS 2022 and ECML PKDD 2022.
03/28/2022 :mortar_board: Mr. Xagen Mclaughlin (6-th grade student at Kenilworth Science and Technology), advised by Dr. Wang, won the 3rd place in Louisiana State Science & Engineering Fair with his project on playing FlappyBird with AI.
02/18/2022 :trophy: Dr. Wang received the CRII Award from National Science Foundation. Kudos to NSF!
02/04/2022 :trophy: We received the Faculty Research Grants—Big Idea Research Planning Grants from the LSU ORED Office on AI-Enabled Resilient Agriculture Management Systems.
01/31/2022 :speech_balloon: Dr. Wang is invited to serve on a 2022 National Science Foundation (NSF) panel.
01/13/2022 :pencil: Our work “Accelerating Serverless Computing by Harvesting Idle Resources” has been accepted by ACM WebConf 2022. Congratulations to Hanfei!
12/22/2021 :trophy: Dr. Wang received the Single Investigator Award from the Louisiana Materials Design Alliance (LAMDA) Seed Funding 2021-22 for “Optimizing Addictive Manufacturing with Deep Reinforcement Learning.” Thanks to NSF and BoR!
12/01/2021 Two papers are accepted by AAAI 2022.
11/29/2021 Mr. Roshan Koirala has passed his Master’s degree defense. Congratulations!
11/12/2021 Dr. Wang will serve as a PC member of the 42nd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS).
10/18/2021 Dr. Wang will serve as a PC member of the 31st ACM The Web Conference 2022 (TheWebConf).
08/27/2021 Our work “Siren: Byzantine-robust Federated Learning via Proactive Alarming” has been accepted by SoCC 2021.
07/22/2021 Our work “Self-Supervised Vessel Segmentation via Adversarial Learning” has been accepted by ICCV 2021.
07/06/2021 “FaaSRank: Learning to Schedule Functions in Serverless Platforms” has been accepted by IEEE ACSOS 2021, congratulations to Hanfei!
06/05/2021 Our work “SpaceDML: Enabling Distributed Machine Learning in Space Information Networks” has been accepted by IEEE Network.
04/29/2021 Our work “Themis: A Fair Evaluation Platform for Computer Vision Competitions” has been accepted by IJCAI-21.
01/15/2021 Dr. Hao Wang started working as an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University.